Be Weird Wonderful Crazy You!

//Be Weird Wonderful Crazy You!

You may think that no one else thinks the same weird thoughts as you do, gets joy from the same silly things or feels the same emotional and physical pain. Maybe in the past you have shared your fears, thoughts and pains with friends and maybe you were ostracized and made to feel stupid.

These irresponsible responses to vulnerability is what breeds shame and loneliness.

I am here to tell you right now that those people were not your friends.

If any response to sharing makes you feel worse than you were feeling before, take that as a sign as to not waste anymore energy.  They are not your people.  Allow those to leave your life without resistance because those left standing with you are the people with whom you belong.

And please don’t ever stop sharing!

We need you to continue to be your beautiful authentic self.

We need to hear your fears and joys.

We need to feel your passion.

Become like a beacon for those searching.  Let your fabulous weird little light shine!



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