Week in Geek for 5/21/2016

//Week in Geek for 5/21/2016

Week in Geek for 5/22/16

Elf, Cate Blanchett, Fly, Jeff Goldblum and Man of Rohan, Karl Urban have been confirmed as welcomed additions to Thor: Ragnarok, the next installment of the Thor franchise. Due in theaters November 2017.

Nom Nom. Craft your own legendary feasts with this World of Warcraft themed cookbook. Due for release in October we can all enjoy some roasted boar for Thanksgiving. /drink

New styles of Buff Beads added to the store.

93 year old, Stan Lee announced this year to be his last appearance at the New York Comic Con running October 6th – 9th.  If October doesn’t work for you, there is another opportunity for East coast fans to meet the comic book guru when he does his final appearance September 1 – 4th in Toronto at Fan Expo Canada.

The search for signs of water on Mars continues as Scientist using NASA’s space toys, they were able to make out two areas on the planet that have signs of possible tsunami action of the cataclysmic side. Waves averaged 150 feet, but would have swells up to 400 ft.  That will leave a mark.  And did.



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