Week in Geek for 5/14/2016

//Week in Geek for 5/14/2016

Week in Geek for 5/14/16

The Geeky Taoist opens its virtual doors.  The Geeky Taoist blog and shop is about all things feeling good. The world is scary and unpredictable. At times, it takes work to come to and maintain a place of peace and joy. This is the place. Our goal is to create a safe, fun and compassionate space on the web where all are welcome to log off and check in with their true nature.

Battlefront II announced for 2017 in an earnings report from EA Games. It will incorporate material from the latest Star Wars films and continue EA’s goal of releasing a new Star Wars game every year.

Assassin’s Creed Trailer released. Based on the award winning video game series Michael Fassbender stars as Callum Lynch, a descendant of a secret society of assassins who must stop an evil plot by the Templars.

Captain America: Civil War had a successful opening weekend of $179 million and has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of  89%. The stage continues to be set for The Infinity War and no matter which side you’re one (TGT sides with the Captain) you just hope that everyone can work out their differences in time.

In the ever growing world of eSports, TBS has signed a deal to broadcast a full season beginning May 24. For those in the dark, Esports is the NFL of the video game world, selling out arenas and gathering millions of viewers.

George Lucas turns 72.  He was born in Modesto California in 1944. We give thanks to Eru for him and send him the blessing of the elves.

In a galaxy far far away…by “watching a planet’s brightness for changes” Nasa has discovered almost 1,300 new planets.  Nine of which  have an orbit at a distance that can support life.  When the leading scientist was asked whether she thinks there was life on other planets she took the line from Contact, “If humans were the only life in the universe, it would be “an awful waste of space.”


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