Week in Geek 6/4/2016

//Week in Geek 6/4/2016

Week in Geek 6/4/16

Elon Musk has us debating whether we live in a computer simulation or not. If the chances are only one in billions that we do not then how much of our history is real? Are our memories programmed? Is this real?ElonMuskMatrix

The Sims 4 dropped all restrictions on gender customization in their latest update.  Players are now able to customize their sim in whatever fashion they desire.


Brie Larson is rumored to be in early talks to play Captain Marvel.  We here at TGT are looking forward to a female led super hero movie.


New to the TGT store: We’ve memorized it by heart, but can you believe there are some who still do not know?  Wear a Middle Earth history lesson to school those ignorant few.

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Google is working on developing a kill switch that will shut down any renegade AI that seek to become the next Skynet. How exactly do you make something to outsmart a machine that you’ve programmed to learn on it’s own?  We’re not quite sure so our back up plan is to welcome our future robot overlords.


Finally, Wednesday wisdom saw us diving into the actions of Faramir, his motivations, and how a singular action can resonate in the world.

Faramir's Quality




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