Week in Geek 5/28/2016

//Week in Geek 5/28/2016

Week in Geek for 5/28/16

X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters this week.  With the addition of another classic villain from the comic books this next entry in the franchise looks to continue it’s appeal to fans and box office success.  Bringing in over $8 million on early Thursday night screenings and $26.4 million on Friday, X-Men: Apocalypse appears to be on track to a weekend total in excess of $80 million.

May 25th saw the 39th anniversary of the theatrical release of Star Wars. Not only changing the face of cinema but impacting an entire generation, Star Wars has become a cultural icon.  We reminisced about our earliest Star Wars memories.

Nvidia released their newst video card, the GTX 1080. Not just an upgrade but a generational leap forward due to it’s new Pascal GPU architecture and upgraded memory, 8GB of GDDR5X (trust me it’s good).  VR compatible? Check. Doom at 200 frames per second? Check. Empty Wallet? Check.

From virtual amazement to real life amazement, next up is Space X. After another satellite launch Space X has successfully landed their third Falcon 9 first stage booster. Check out the fall from space and landing here.

And to wrap up, we just want to wish Sir Ian McKellen a very happy birthday as he turned 77 on May 25th.

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