The Present

//The Present

“When you are present, you can allow the mind to be as it is without getting entangled in it.” – Eckhart Tolle ~The Power of Now.

An eccentric Polish hippy in Maui once asked what ‘truth’ meant to me. Because, I’m hoity–toity and seemed to believe I majored in Philosophy, I said love.

“Love eh?” He said catching on I was clearly trying too hard.

“Yyyeah??” I said unsure.  “What does it mean to you?”  I prepared myself for a wishy washy lecture that I would have to pretend to listen to.


Intrigued, I pulled up a stool. Marishi went on to explain that our memories of the past or even the conversation we had 10 minutes ago, are not entirely accurate. And our future, no matter how sure we are or how much we’ve prepared, is never set in stone. Now is the only true moment.

That 30 second blip of undeniable truth from a barefoot hippy juicing turmeric changed my life.  Planning for every moment of the day or attempting to time travel to change events of the past, are symptoms of being a neurotic control freak and I am still recovering.  It’s a struggle, (I like to be sure that everything goes according to plan) but I am a creature of facts.  And it’s a fact that the only absolute thing that I have control over and the only real thing is right now.




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