It’s not easy to remain positive. It’s a very conscious mindful effort.  One momentary unguarded thought can trigger a multitude of others and before you know it you are knee deep in the manure pit of your mind.  And this can happen before you even get out of bed in the morning.  The idea behind positive thinking isn’t to not ever have negative thoughts, it’s to choose not to entertain them for long and to create an atmosphere and lifestyle that you are not willingly placing yourself in the path of negativity.  If Fox News is on permanently in your home, then chances are you aren’t feeling overly excited about life.

To maintain a positive balance we need to feel good at least 51 percent of the time. 

We do things all the time that make us feel shitty. And then we wonder why we are depressed. Listen to your emotions.  I’ll know it’s time to quit an online game when logging on to do daily shit feels like I’m dragging my soul behind me. When fun stuff becomes a chore or annoying it’s time for me to move on. Perfect example is what happened with my relationship with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. The overly dramatic tv shows became more painful to watch than to not. I found more joy keeping tabs on the peeps in Westeros and Georgia via my hairdresser and the internet than I did watching. Yes this means I have a lot of unfinished tv series and games, but I feel good. And THAT my sweet friends, is what life is about. Feeling good.

Bad thoughts are kept at bay by positive emotions. Positive emotions are brought on my feel good experiences.  And feel good experiences are created and controlled by you.

Do at least one thing today that makes you feel good.  And share your beautiful shiny lovely face to inspire others.


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