Party Like an Ancient

//Party Like an Ancient


This year Summer Solstice has a special guest.  A full moon.  Known in June as a “strawberry moon.” The last strawberry moon was seen in 1967.  So, tonight as the superstitions go, pagans will be out dancing around henges naked, crazies will be out making  more crazy and werewolves will be eating them all.


The ancients had it right.  They used this longest day to express their appreciation to the gods. And it sounds like it was a party.  So, if you are feeling somewhat ambitious after a long Monday at work, here are ways you can enjoy this full moon edition of the Summer Solstice:

Gather up your friends, co-workers and acquaintances and celebrate Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Agriculture.  I imagine Dionysus,  the god of the grape harvest, wine, ritual madness and fertility will be making a show. Should be exciting.


Feeling a little more like a homebody tonight?  That’s okay. Find yourself a pregnant cow and sacrifice it’s unborn calf to Vesta, the Roman goddess of hearth and home and then just Netflix and chill with your best friend Bacchus. Unless you are a married women. Tonight is your night to shine! Get in there to virgin temple and make your offering. It’s the only night you are allowed to do it, you filthy beast. Good luck!

XIL230382 Vestal Virgins, 1727 (oil on canvas) by Raoux, Jean (1677-1734) oil on canvas 92x72.5 Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France Lauros / Giraudon French, out of copyright

It has been a fantastic year for women, let’s keep that going by making tonight all about the Yin half of Yin Yang.  Li, the Chinese Sun Goddess is to be the focal point of the celebration. The ceremony will include chasing down stray dogs and eating them.  So…


Does the thought of a long night make you feel reflective? Do you see resolve in confrontations, perhaps?  Then like the Vikings, grab a mug of ale and let’s put all that bullshit behind us. Tonight is the night to build a giant bonfire,  let bygones be bygones and start fresh.  <3 !


Whatever it is you plan on doing tonight do it with joy! Whether you’re having a giant feast, with dancing, merriment and love or you’re just eating a hot dog over the sink, chugging a beer and playing video games. Just take a moment to reflect on the day and the significance the solstice held to all the civilizations of the world. Every year across the inhabited world, there was a  celebration of light and gratitude expressed for the harvest to come.

Depending where you are you may have already experienced this rare phenomenon.  So, do tell us what to expect here in the Western Hemisphere.






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