Our First Star Wars Experience.

//Our First Star Wars Experience.

May 25th, 1977 Star Wars:  A New Hope opened in theaters.  With a budget of $11 million it grossed  $775 million world wide and would change the course of history for many forever. Many of us remember when we first looked upon the now iconic scrolling words.  Here are our memories.

20150625_074936-1Earliest clear memory of Star Wars was watching Return of the Jedi in the movie theater. I had gone to the theater with my family to watch Blue Thunder but we left because my parents were upset there was nudity in the first few minutes, so I ended up watching Return of the Jedi by myself. I cannot recall if I had any specific expectations or knowledge of what was going on, I just remember being scared of the terrifying rancor when it came on screen and being in awe of the space battles.  From that point on I began to collect all things Star Wars, from action figures to sheets. The rebels were nice but I was always drawn to the crisp grandeur of the Empire (who can deny the regal glory of the Emperor’s crimson cloaked guards?)

I was six at a birthday party. I remember sitting on the floor in front of one of those huge ass floor tv’s. I would boo anytime Vader came on the screen.  It must have got annoying because I remember someone telling me to shut up. I became infatuated with Princess Leia. I wanted so badly to go on adventures with her and would imagine she was my mom. My collection started as a young adult when my mom got me a Princess Leia Barbie Doll. Which I still have.  Unopened in box, thank you very much.

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