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The Geeky Taoist is about all things feeling good. The world is scary and unpredictable. At times, it takes work to come to and maintain a place of peace and joy.  This is the place. Our goal is to create a safe, fun and compassionate space on the web where all are welcome to log off and check in with their true nature.


Must enjoy geeky things, play video games, a little bit of dancing and maybe some in home karaoke.

Must believe in a higher power including but not limited to, God, The Universe, Buddha, Krishna, Zeus, Eru, The Force (Light or Dark whatev.) Odin, Gaia etc. and should be comfortable and tolerant with the casual convo of all.

Playful smack talk is allowed. Noob smack downs are not. Foul fun mouths are welcome. Angry bigoted ones will be escorted out. Political talk should be avoided, but will be allowed under the “Light and Airy Pretty Faery” protocol.

Must obey the Prime Directive.

You must be able to pay for your own beer, gear, mount, trips, upgrades and gas. (Repair bills after a raid are negotiable.)

Must be a kind soul who is fuckless and free. Those with loving, caring and compassionate qualities are favorable.  The desire to make a difference and for growth must be a high priority.  The law of love must be adhered to. Buff Yourself!

No creepiness allowed.





(David and Jessica Tracy)