Holy Friggin’ Crap!

//Holy Friggin’ Crap!

I cannot properly get across how shocked I was to feel what I did watching the brand new teaser trailer for Rogue One.

I was left with a million and one goosebumps and in tears.

What the heck!?  Why did it one minute and forty seconds turn me into a nostalgic mess on the ground?

Maybe it’s because of this…

Screenshot 2016-04-07 09.09.32.png

Genevieve O’Reilly as my second favorite female in Episode VI, the great Mon Mothma.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 09.10.20.png

This Imperial CIA type cool looking guy.

Screenshot 2016-04-07 09.31.11.png

THIS!  OMG You guys! AT-AT’s and palm trees!  Did you EVER think you’d see this?


And dear sweet Maker…this magnificent 11 seconds.


Let us now take a moment and give thanks for Disney and others who have made it possible for all of us to emotionally react like children over something that has been so important to us.

Let’s promise, that even though there may be some shitty Star Wars Stories made in the future, we will remember the good and appreciate the fact that they are at least being made.

And praise be to Mark Hamill for this now trademarked look.

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