Real Life Buffs

//Real Life Buffs

As most of you know, buffing is a gaming term for the skill used to give yourself a power boost before or during a fight.  For those of you not familiar here’s my interpretation of the meaning:

In video games, specifically RPGs or MMO’s, there is a term we use for the skills that give us and our fellow players a slight advantage in the game. An extra 10% to health, a bonus 15% to defense, a boost to damage, speed, endurance etc. Some of these little dabs of comfort last until you get hit, some last 30 seconds and some last 60 minutes. For the most part they aren’t game changers like cheats ie. God Mode or Motherlode , but nor do we want them to be. Buffs just provide a little added comfort that creates confidence.

Buffing is not just an in game skill. We have the power in the real world to buff ourselves and others. To do this we must use one of the first skills we learn in this game we call life, Speech. Only when Speech is activated can we use the skill Words. Using Words is an important skill and must be used very carefully as to make sure we do not debuff ourselves or others.

Here are the real life stats that we can use our word skill to either buff or debuff:


Compassion is highlighted due to its critical importance and need for frequent use. It is the stat that boosts the skills Forgiveness, Understanding and Love. When Compassion is used on yourself it will give a permanent buff to the majority of your stats. Specifically, Health, Valor, Armour and Wisdom. A compassion boost will help you to be aware of how you use the words “I am”.  “I am” is  a powerful buff and must be used wisely to avoid turning into a self-destructing debuff. This is not a glitch. It can be used as a buff and a debuff. This is just the way the Dev designed it. Whatever you put after the words “I am” will determine how your game will go.

Seeing our words and actions as having buff or debuff implications can help us maintain an awareness of how we treat others and ourselves. To help us maintain this self-awareness we created Buff Beads. Buff Beads are now worn by gamers and non gamers all over the world who are reminded daily to be aware of their self-talk. People are now using Buff Yourself not just in game but as a real life term meaning to give themselves power.

Don’t troll yourself. Keep an eye on your stats and maintain a constant buff on all of them by allowing Compassion to be your default setting. Buffing Yourself first will allow for a Strength and Endurance boost that will then naturally and passively be used for good towards others. Be kind to all including yourself, because we are all worthy and deserving of respect and love. In game and out.  Buff Yourself!


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