Buff Beads Are…

//Buff Beads Are…

So, this weird thing has been happening.  When people ask me what Buff Beads are I stammer and stutter through an explanation.  It’s really embarrassing, because it makes me seem unsure of a product I’m very sure of.  The slogan, “A simple reminder to be aware of your self-talk” as easy as it is to roll off the tongue, it just doesn’t express what I’m trying to get across.

Throwback to Maui 2015, I’m sitting on lava rock looking out on the ocean with the words of a 50 year old Polish hippy ringing in my ears. “The only 100% real and undeniable truth is the present moment.” He explained that the past is skewed in our memories and the future hasn’t happened. So the only real thing is the now.

This truth was my biggest take away from Maui.  It has been a solid grounding stone for me and I have grown exponentially using it.

I’m emotional. (Shocking I know).  I feel all over the place.  Frankly, It’s exhausting. (Did I mention I’m dramatic?)  Numbing is easy…box of wine and a video game.  But, I am doing an injustice to my beautiful soul if I continuously hide from the human experience.  Being present I am able to separate myself from uncomfortable human emotions and analyze them.

Why am I feeling like this? Am I jealous? Afraid? When have I felt like this before? What other factors could be contributing to this feeling? Hunger? Tired? Hormones? Where in my body do I feel it?

9 times out of 10 I come out of this lovely self-talk therapy session, clear headed and at peace.  I’m always surprised at how well it works.  But, why shouldn’t it?  I’ve just validated and compartmentalized my psyche.  I said “You’re feeling shitty and this is why.”  I then handed myself $150 dollars and booked another session for the following day, because damn it, I love how compassionate and assuring I am to me.

Guilt lives in the past.  Anxiety lives in the future.  Self-love and self-compassion begin in the present.  And positive self-talk happens in the now.  The present moment is where the self-love magic happens.  And self-love is what Buff Beads are all about.  They are a reminder to maintain presence in order to be the best damn person to yourself.

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