Abby’s Alley

//Abby’s Alley

I’d like to introduce you to a very wise and talented Abby.

Besides my brother Jackson who is a Borg at Video Games, Abby is the best gamer I know.  I have a picture of her when she was three years old sitting on the floor in her pretty Ariel nightgown, Nintendo controller in her hand and staring intently up at the TV.  She would move the joystick with two fingers because the pad of her thumb was too tiny. I’m not sure what she was playing at the time, but her favorite games were Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.  Like many of us, she was born a gamer.  It’s her passion. To many parents having a kid whose passion is video games may seem disastrous,  but Abby is fortunate to have gaming parents and to live in a day and age where video games are a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of various positions world wide. Video games bring her joy and with encouragement and guidance in the right direction she could be in the industry of her passion.  #DoWhatYouLove!


Self portrait. (9 years old.)

Abby was six when I noticed she was pausing game play to draw pictures of the characters. Within a couple years she began making animation using MS Paint and posting them on YouTube. It was a little unnerving to have my young child an active member of a social community, especially because she gained quite a following.  But, I wanted to give her the opportunity to improve her craft and to be amongst her peers. This has been very beneficial. Throughout the years she has grown as an artist exponentially. I am thankful that the online artist community is one of the kindest most supportive communities on the internet. (You can purchase Abby’s Princess Leia tee here.)

After a lengthy AFK, Abby has began posting her videos on her channel and I want to draw much deserved attention to her greatness and hard work. This Undertale fan vid and the others on her channel are done using PaintTool SAI and Windows Movie Maker.

For the last two weeks Abby has had a subscription to Adobe Animator and has diligently taught herself the ins and outs of the program and will soon be posting her creations to her account.  I am excited to have a platform to be able to share such a talent and will continue to do so.
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